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قصة ال  العزلة الاجتماعية

والشعور بالوحدة

COVID19 يخرج من الخلف.

Turn the applause into an impactful discussion with these starter topics. 



Questions for the filmmakers:


Why did you choose this topic?

How did you find the people for the film?

How did you keep documenting during covid?

Where can people see the film?


Starter Topics for Audience Discussion: 

Who in the audience can share how loneliness  has touched someone they care about?

What resources are available in the community? 

What challenges are special to our community that make isolation something to take seriously.

What advantages do we have in our community that help us with this issue?

What steps can we walk out of this screening with to help change things for the better?

Starter Questions for Participants in the Film:

How do you feel sharing your story on film?

What do you feel is important to know about loneliness and isolation?

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